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Kayla Kibbe

Writer/editor. NYC.

Kayla Kibbe is the Associate Sex & Relationships Editor at Cosmopolitan, where, in addition to covering all things sex, love, dating and gender, she writes the column Sex at 26 and edits Confessays. When she's not doing that, you can probably find her talking incessantly about astrology, gushing over Taylor Swift, making Sex and the City references and/or not shutting up about how much she loves Astoria, which is where she lives.

Her work has also appeared at Cosmopolitan UK, Men's HealthMEL Magazine, Bitch Media, and other places on the internet.



For sex & relationships pitches (and other things Cosmo), I'm For anything else (or if you just really hate my work and want to give me a piece of your mind), feel free to shoot me an email: 

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